Alison Morse

Jewelry Designer & Owner

The name behind the brand, Ali is the artistic epicenter of the business. She is a trained metalsmith whose influences are deeply rooted in the natural world. Raised in the Pacific Northwest and a long time resident of Northern California, she finds endless inspiration in the beauty of these places. When not in her studio you can find her cooking something delicious, hanging out with her dog, tending to her chickens, doing yoga, gardening, or reading a good book. 



Kira McQueen

Assistant & Apprentice Jeweler

Kira has been Ali's best friend since childhood and working together is a dream. Utilizing her professional experience in product and brand management, Kira provides assistance for any business needs such as copywriting, product management, branding, and social media. She is also thrilled to be Ali's apprentice learning the art of metalsmithing!




Head of Security

Esme is the newest member of the business, but probably the most important. She is our mascot, morale booster, toe-nibbler, studio security officer, and the best alarm system you could ask for.