Custom Jewelry: From Future Heirlooms to a Wedding Ring Reboot

This month I remade a vintage gold and diamond wedding ring, revamped a pearl necklace by adding hand fabricated 14k gold accent beads, and created a commemorative necklace with architectural elements, a completely new direction for me.

When my neighbor handed me a mangled gold band and a loose diamond and said, “Have your way with it, I just want to be able to wear it again,” I was thrilled. Creative liberty? Really? It takes some effort to lean into this, trusting their confidence in my technical and creative abilities, especially with such a sentimental piece of jewelry. Her main concerns were wearability, given that the old prong setting was not compatible with her hands-on job. I set the diamond in a secure bezel atop a timeless hammered band. The results are stunning. This ring really didn't need much to shine!



A client sent me a pearl necklace that broke and needed to be restrung. It was a staple piece in her wardrobe, the kind of jewelry you put on every morning to feel complete. She wanted to repair the piece but also uplift it with something new. I suggested the addition of 14k gold accent beads, made to mimic the patterns in the necklace. The finished result looks like they've always been there. To add to the ensemble, I created a pair of coordinating hoop earrings. The latching mechanism challenged me, and I ended up fabricating some of the tiniest hinges I've ever made. These tricky, minute details are what push my skills as a metalsmith. When I nail the execution, it makes me feel like all the years of practice are paying off.



When I was asked to create a commemorative piece featuring the Sydney Opera House, I thought it would be similar to making a mountain ring—representational peaks across a skyline sawed out in miniature scale. As I started my sketches, studying the opera house in a new light, I couldn't ignore the depth and layers of this magnificent structure. So that's what I tried to capture. Several sheets of metal are stacked to create foreground, mid-ground and background. The recesses hold the patina, creating shadows and depth in the finished piece. This isn't something I would have ever approached if I wasn't asked to, and I'm so pleased with how it expanded my creativity in a new direction. What structure would you like to see next? The Space Needle? The Golden Gate Bridge?



Do you have an idea for a piece of custom jewelry you would like to bring to life? Get in touch!

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