Custom Engagement Rings

Creating custom engagement jewelry is a privilege. These rings are meaningful, personal and special, and working with you to design them brings me so much gratitude and satisfaction. Here's a peek into what the process looks like: 

custom engagement ring set

First we nail down some of the basics, like ring size, budget, and materials. You can pick a stone from my collection or I will source exactly what you're looking for from one of my trusted suppliers. Whether you want something ethically mined or to repurpose your grandmother's diamonds, I'll work with you to make it happen. 

You may not be sure what stone is right, and that's alright! Sapphires are some of my favorites stones to work with, from the magical color changing variety, to watery blues mined nearby in Montana, to a radiant crystal clear gemstone that catches the light on every facet. Sapphires come in many colors in addition to the traditional deep blue. They have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale which makes them durable enough to use in pieces like engagement rings that need to stand up to everyday wear and last a lifetime. If you're looking for an alternative engagement ring stone, I would recommend sapphire!

Montana sapphire engagment ring

Next comes the design process. We will email back and forth with pictures and drawings, modifying the design until it is refined enough to start working in metal.

custom engagement ring sketch
custom engagement ring design process

Often engagement jewelry incorporates something significant to the couple, like this sapphire ring that celebrates the couple's first date at a botanical garden and their love of the outdoors. 

sapphire engagement ring

As I begin the fabrication process, I'll keep you in the loop with photos and updates along the way. I think seeing the creation of your rings is an exciting part of custom jewelry! 

custom engagement ring process photos

And then one day, voilà! The rings are complete and the rest is up to you! My part in this journey is only the beginning. Making these treasured pieces brings so much meaning and joy to my work and life.

Are you ready to start designing your custom engagement set? Get in touch!

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