Creating a Landscape Spinner Ring

Jewelry Making Process Picture

This original wedding ring from 1997 came to me for a reboot, as its owner put it. It was already a kinetic ring, with four bands of alternating yellow and rose gold to represent the Vietnamese flag. Keeping these alternating stripes in the final design was important to the client to celebrate their Vietnamese heritage. The mountainous landscape is an imaginary one, drawn by the owner for me to translate into metal to remind the couple of the many adventures they've been on together.

sketch for custom landscape ring

I repurposed the metal from the original spinning bands, melting them down and milling the rose gold into fresh wire for the stripes in the waves. The mountainscape was sawed out of a sheet of gold, soldered to the waves, and textured to give it some character.

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the process video here!

Bringing together our vision for this custom wedding band was a true collaboration. I am honored that this couple trusted me to upgrade this piece of heirloom jewelry.

Custom Gold Mountain Wedding Band


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