Adjustable Necklaces that Don't Flop Around

Hands Holding Clasp for Necklace

Our necklaces are designed to fit and function perfectly. That means they're adjustable to the perfect length and the clasp isn't going to slide around to the front, one of my personal pet peeves. 

This is accomplished by attaching the pendant directly to a link in the chain, as opposed to having it slide freely on the chain. That way it's always front and center and the clasp lays nicely in the back with no tendency to slip around to the front. 

Our necklaces are also adjustable by a 3" chain extension to hook the clasp into. This series of larger links allows you to clasp the necklace at just the right length. That way no matter what you're wearing it with, the pendant sits in exactly the right spot, not awkwardly landing on the neckline of your shirt or laying right over a button. 

These two features make each of our necklaces especially functional and wearable! Whether it's a jiggly jellyfish or a protective shield pendant, your necklace should stay where you put it!

Jellyfish Necklace

Shield NecklaceCrescent Moon Necklace



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